Well last night I made my first tag in three months and it sucked. So today while surfing the new I see a nice picture of Kelly and I made a tag from it. I think my Photoshop know how is starting to flow back into me. What do you'll think?



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i love the bg effects on the side but the stars infront of the image jsut don't work for me
i give it a 7/10 as rating allowed here?


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yeah but now there feels like there is something missing...hmmm
well i like her glove, and that effect around it
it makes me feel like to add some blackish effects to that large left side and to move the text somewhere else...thats just me though XD



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I like the one with the stars, but there's one too many.

I recon the one w/o bars & stars make the tag look naked.


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I like the one just straight out plain^_^ But if it still feel as if your missing something then you could always brush some small white dots around her, then blur the whole thing and erase around the focal, then sharpen the while thing and erase the bg and leave the focal and some around it sharpened. I kinda like the effect that leaves with real people sigs:sweatdrop: