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Kelly Kelly divas champion


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's been four days since she's won the Divas Championship. I don't believe spoiler tags are required.

What are your thoughts on having Kelly Kelly holding the Divas Championship? I think we can all agree that she's improved a lot in recent years, but I think we can all agree on that she's not a good wrestler whatsoever and her microphone skills are pretty bad. There's quite a few talented divas on the roster:


I just don't see why Kelly Kelly had to be given the belt. I don't know if the voting was real in that poll on Monday Night Raw, but it was then I think whoever won that poll would of went on a win the belt, so maybe that's the only reason why she got it. But with all the reports coming out about the server crashing I don't know how legit the voting was.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
While I don't see Kelly Kelly as the worst possible choice right now, I think that Natalya, Beth Phoenix, or Gail Kim having a long run with the title would really legitimize it.

If I was booking I'd have that happen, focusing on the best they have...and just when one champion or all two/three of them are talking about being the best, Kharma can return.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
She's not really THAT bad and they are pushing her because some magazine listed her as one of the hottest females or something. So she's a draw.

She's just not that good overall as a perfomer. Has improved but there are much more talented girls on the roster.


Registered Member
i'm actually surprised that it didn't happen sooner...

for some reason the wwe loves her...

oh to be a pretty blonde


As long as she bounces around in the ring she can wear whatever belt she wants.

But on a less chauvinistic point I think they need somebody to hold that belt for a decent amount of time and actually defend it. They need real feuds between people.

That's how that belt will stop being a joke.


I ♥ Haters
I think she’s adorable and arguably the most popular diva in the company today (yes, she’s starting to grow on me), but in no way has she earned the Divas Championship. I find it bizarre that people are calling her the new Trish Stratus. It’s laughable. Kelly’s been with the WWE for how long, 6 years now? Her acting is horrible (wrestlers are also method actors, that why I’m bringing this up), she can’t a sell a move, her mic skills are awful. So I don’t understand how she’s being compared to Trish (who btw, went from being some guy’s arm candy to becoming one of the most influential women in wrestling within 2 and a half years.)

Her in-ring talent is so questionable it makes me wanna FACEpalm myself sometimes. I would much rather see the championship on Gail or Nattie. I just think it’s fucking stupid that the WWE has completely buried Gail (basically killing her career) so that trash like the Bella Twins can get more air time. It’s depressing. I’d rather see the belt on someone that can give it some credibility.


Gail Kim is so beautiful and talented. So I don't know why she has been so crushed in the BwA.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm tired of Kelly Kelly always feuding with The Bella Twins, it's getting old and tiring to watch. Hopefully Kelly Kelly retains the title at Money in the Bank and feuds with someone else afterwards.

There's a lot of other divas out there that could give Kelly her run for her money.


Haters gonna hate.
In all honesty, I think this move is the best for the Divas division, and here is why:

The Divas division is not legitimate. No matter how hard the IWC tries, it isn't, and never will be. It is WWE, and they are all about entertainment, and you what entertains? Beautiful women who can "wrestle" even though they can't. No matter how hard anyone tries to give the title to anyone else, it's all Vince's decisions, and right now he is high on Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins.