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Keeping Up With New Technology


Registered Member
Are you someone that keeps up with all the latest technology?
Well I'm not oneof those people and wonder why technology doesn't let you
enjoy for longer time what they discovered.

Example windows is moving so fast that it doesn't give you a chance to enjoy its
discoveries before coming up with something new within maybe 2- 5 yrs time.

Well Amazon is a company that is trying to compete with all technology companies.
Have you heard about this? Do you ever go to Amazon for anything?

This article might as well be speaking another language to me because I'm not up to technolgy
of todays day and age..
Amazon unveils new Fire TV streaming video box


Well-Known Member
I keep up with new technology as best I can. There's just so much of it these days that it can be difficult to keep up with all of it. I spend a lot of time searching the internet reading about new technologies, surfing newegg and watching their videos (to keep up with computer components), etc. It's just something I enjoy doing. I'm always interested in what new technology is able to achieve and how they're always working to make it better.

Considering how well Amazon has done with the Kindle I don't think it's surprising that they're looking to expand what they do.

On the subject of Windows. Microsoft releases a new full version for home use every 3 years, that's their rule.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm afraid I don't keep up with it unless there is something I want then I start looking.

Yes I order merchandise off of Amazon from time to time and sometimes just look to see how their prices compare to places like Wal-Marts.

Right now I have my TV hooked up to my computer as a second monitor. If I want to watch something on the internet in the living room I can so I doubt I will buy Fire TV.

If satellite and other cable providers don't come down on their subscription prices devices like this will put them out of business.


aka ginger warlock
In the sense of keeping up with technology news and trying to keep on top of things that are changing then yes I consider myself to be fairly up to date.

As far as keeping up to date in terms over keeping having all of the new tech itself then no I do not, I wish I was that rich!

You can enjoy technology as long as you want and the movement of it should not influence you.


Registered Member
Can I borrow anyone's walkman? Please don’t disturb because I am using my Atari twenty six hundred. As you can see I am not really up to date in todays technology sectors. But I was born in the video game age and advanced computer age.

I have a friend who since he was going to school working on computers. It's kind of cool to have at least one techie friend who knows how to solve these computer glitches that would take you all year to figure out what is the underlying cause. This friend used to keep my computer what I call tuned up. Because he always cleaned out those unnecessary needed files that disk scan didn't or placing the files in order as I had a dial up back then worked pretty fast. I did not need a cable hook up or DSL at that time. What is it going to kill to wait seconds for a page to open up? Sure some pages got stuck such as UK Hoyle when it was opened. UK Hoyle is gone with USA Hoyle France and Germany as well. Hoyle privatized themselves now more of a gambling connection now. .

From MSN to Yahoo messengers. To email to internet searches I did not have much any problem to really complain about as long as my friend just tuned up my pc. . sure I had to upgrade my tower sometimes. But when you have a good motherboard and CPU with fan the other things may be more minor to deal with.

But I speak of more than ten years ago. Technology has changed and advance. So long to dial up pc. Face book taking over MSN popularity including now text messengers, I pads, I pods, I phones etc. I don't have any of these small gadgets. Whatever has been new over the past ten years I am less aware of changes. But losing my vision and having to adapt to those changes did not exactly help me to stay on track with everyone else.

This month I am supposed to be getting a speech program called Window eyes. Basically it reads stuff off the internet. But since there are codes it may not read everything. For example it may or may not work over here. . not every site will be compatible with Windows Eyes to be able to read. . so Anna will help me to those places where my program will not work. But basically I should be able to go on a lot of internet sites and check my e mail.

Though checking my e mail is kind of a big joke today. Most of my contacts are not very reliable e mail sources but once upon a time they were very good at writing and sending things to my box. . the newer technology has has brought them to a lazier way of sending a few quick lines and a random picture. . . I don't like this because to me it is all just less personal than it once was years ago..

Yet once I get this speech program I want to see if I can spend some time learning about some of this newer technology and if we can put any of it to use. I may be interested in a cell phone messenger for the blind. Maybe a lap top, maybe an I pad. An I pod sounds a bit to micro sized. But I am not running out this minute to grab these gadgets.

Our financial situation needs to change and improve first before thinking about getting such items. Being at home as often as I am a home pc is still a good idea to have. They next door is not impressed by my simple home pc. Oh well I prefer to sit and type away. I’m not up to par with everyone else perhaps. but whatever works for me is just fine and well. I may be a little behind but then again I am not exactly the Amish. :lol:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I do my best to keep up with the newest stuff as far as being informed goes. I don't always have to buy and use the biggest and best thing. I'd rather get 75% of the performance out of a computer part for 1/2 the price of the big boy. That analogy works for all kinds of different products.


Registered Member
I suck at keeping up with all this stuff as my brain just doesn't think along those lines. Unless it's user friendly and features some kind of touch screen component, I'm lost.

I have a mobile phone that's years out of date, and I even used an analogue hearing aid for at least a decade after they were phased out. I upgraded to a digital aid only when my analogue one finally died. The audiologist was absolutely amazed that it lasted so long!


Registered Member
Im always all over the new tech stuff before and after it drops on the market. Btw Gizmodo did a better review for Fire TV.
Amazon Fire TV Review: A Fast Ride That'll Cost You

It streams content and trumps Google but forget the bluetooth controller. Yeah it has over 100 titles but NOT a serious gaming system. But yeah I post at 4 tech sites and Im always reading and watching reviews for stuff like Google Glass, 4K TV, games, tablets, robotics, high end headphones and earbuds, 3D printers, the hologram projects, and other cool stuff.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I used to have a lot of interest in technology, but not so much anymore. I don't really pay much attention to what's out there until I'm ready to upgrade what I've got, so sometimes I'm several years behind the current technology. That's fine with me though. I'm just not concerned about always having the latest and greatest gadgets.