Keeping Money At Home


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Basic money talk seems to be down so I'll be posting here.

Are they people here who don't bother with bank accounts and prefere to keep their money at home?

If you do have an account do you still look to keep some money at home for general spending?

I have an account which I keep almost all my money in but I like to draw a few hundred out each week to keep at home and spend during the week for social purposes and general spending like clothes and games etc.


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If I could I wouldn't have a bank account and I'd keep all my money at home. I wouldn't do that though because I'd worry about being burgled.

When I get paid at the end of the month I do tend to draw out £100 or so to keep on me so that I can use it for food, travel, shopping etc but the majority of it stays in my account.. Actually the majority of it goes out the following day on bills. :urp:


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We keep 95% of our money in a bank account. We have gold and other precious metals in the safe if needed. I rarely keep cash, if I do it may be like 20 bucks or something. Otherwise my debit card will do.

The only reason I have cash usually is to buy little things like a cup of coffee or a snack at the gas station. I hate using my debit card for 2 dollar purchases.
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My money is deposited in my account, durning the week I draw a bit for use at superettes and other stores without eletronic bank services. Even more so I feel uncomfortable carring money in my purse in fear of losing or it being stolen.
I don't actually have a current account, just a savings one, so I never ever draw money out or use a credit card. The money I use day-to-day comes from my bedroom. I might open an account within the next couple of weeks, I think its finally time. :lol:


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I barely keep any money at my house, I'll have change here and there, but nothing big. I just feel more comfortable to have all my money safe in the bank. Anything can happen if you leave it at home.


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All my money is stored in bank accounts, I take the money out as and when I need it.
The only money I keep at home is my tin of small change and maybe my left over Christmas money.


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I have a basic bank account that my monies go into. I only withdraw cash from this, I only have one direct-debit to it and I never use the card for purchases. I use cash for everything, I have a few grand in the house and I always have £80-£250 on me.

Cash is king; wave a couple of notes infront of someones nose and you can dictate the price. With a card you'll pay the ticket price, whilst cash you are open to haggle.


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All my money is in the bank. I keep maybe $40 around for incidentals, but that's about it. I try to use my card as often as possible (and pay it off every month-use it like a debit) because I get cash back.


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I do in fact have a bank account that I keep the majority of all my money in. With the economy in the situation its in Im starting to think about taking all my money out and closing the accounts but so far have decided it'd just be best to stick it out.

Usually I'll do what I can to keep about 500 bucks stashed around the place, 20's hidden between pages of books, a $100 in my hockey bag. Just things like that that I plant for myself in case things get rough. Usually with me if I have a wad of cash laying around somewhere... I have this wicked habit of spending it :hah: so the only way for cash to survive around me is if I plant it like that.