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Keeping birthday/Christmas cards?


Boom Boom Pow!
Do you keep all the birthday and Christmas cards that you receive or do you just throw them away or recycle them after the occasion has passed?


Living on the 0th floor
I keep them all. They all bring back memories. I don't really go through them all that often, but I do keep them stored away in a few different boxes just incase I ever feel the need to go through them. I'm glad I have kept them though, they are some of my most prized possessions from people in my life who have passed.


rainbow 11!
i have started to keep them and I'm glad I did, I have a shoe box right now but it's bursting with cards


The Hierophant
I'll keep a card for probably about a month after my birthday before I'll throw it away. I'd say that almost all of the cards that I've ever gotten have all had just a name inside them. No special messages besides cash, so I never saw any reason to keep them. I'll hold on to some weird stuff sometimes, but cards really never grabbed my interest.


Registered Member
Cards to me, are a waste of money sometimes...I did say sometimes.
I really don't like paying $3.00 for a child's birthday card when the child just rips it open to see if there's money in it anyway *ha*
I do however, send out quite a bit of cards, and I save the special ones that my children gave to me, my grandbabies make for me, and some my Mother gave to me.
I plan on making a large shadow box type of art, to display the prettiest ones.
I would like to share a wonderful card story....I always sent my Mother cards for her birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's, Grandparents Day, you name it, I got Mother a card.
When I lost her, and we were going thru her things, I found all the cards I had been sending her...some were dated as far back as the 1980s.
She had kept practically every card I ever sent her, she is sentimental like me.
I even found gift wrapping from some of the gifts I had gotten her years before ~LoL~
Anyway, the stacks of cards must have reached 12 inches high or more.
I could never have felt more loved :)


Generally I keep the cards but I'm not a big fan of them.
After a while, chances are I'll throw them away.


still nobody's bitch
I don't usually keep them.

I don't usually receive them if you want the truth.

I didn't get a single birthday card in the mail this year.


Sally Twit
I've got a big box (insert vag joke here) full of old cards - Birthday's, Christmas, Valentine's etc. I like to go back and read them all when I'm having a clear out.

Jeanie that's really sad. Give me your address.


Registered Member
I've never gotten any cards for anything like that really, but I imagine I'd recycle them at some point if I did..