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Keep'em Happy With Sex


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You Should Have Sex With Your Partner to Make Him Happy

“Sex becomes yet another item on your to-do list, and you think you have to do it for the sake of your marriage and the happiness of your spouse,” says Dr. Lombardo. While neither of those reasons is wrong, they shouldn’t be the only reasons.

From my AOL homepage.

Your thoughts??
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Babeasaurus Sex
Personally my drive isn't that high so when I do have sex its because I REALLY want to.

I think it needs to be something you do with the person you love when you both feel it and are mutually excited. I couldn't have sex for the sake of it because it would bore me...and unfortunately i'm not nice enough to lie and seem interested!


Well-Known Member
I figured everyone who had been in a relationship would have at some point. I know I have, sometimes I couldn't be bothered but knew they wanted it, or towards the end of the relationship when things weren't great it was just to keep up appearances.


Babeasaurus Sex
No I just refused to have sex with them.

Then ended it.

Sex isn't a big part of a relationship for me and for that reason I wont suffer bad sex for the sake of it :)


Supreme System Lord
Of course sex is an important part of any marriage.

It's a strong tool that is used to show how much you love someone and how committed you are to somebody. But if it starts to become a chore then maybe there is something funder mentally wrong with the relationship.

Usually for me, if sex gets boring with someone then so does the relationship.


It's not me, it's you.
Sure, they shouldn't be the only reasons, but it happens. I was in a long time relationship and wasn't happy for the longest time, but kept up the sex thing because I knew it would make him happy.


I could be wrong but if sex remains the only thing to keep someone happy, then the relationship is over.
You'd rather become friends with benefits than keep on being part of that relationship.


Lion Rampant
No one worth his figleaf will subject his wife to sex when she isn't brimming with passionate desire at the prospect. A lot of women get guilted into it out of a sense of duty, but if a guy doesn't cherish the right of a partner to control everything that happens to her body, he's a dud and not worth the sacrifice to her self-respect.


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Sex is more important to me than having a romantic relationship. That said, I can't be with someone that isn't sexually active. I also cannot be with someone I don't like to have sex with.


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Let me explain how important sex is to a relationship with a question: what gets you attracted to a person in the first place? Anybody with a answer thats not sex related or something close to physical attraction? You can't honestly tell me you got attracted to your significant other because she cooks well, or because he/she loves dogs or kids, its usually about the way she looks, smiles or feels. Sex is the reason you guys hooked up in the first place, so no sex means the death of that relationship.
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