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Keep Your Enemies Closer....


Well-Known Member
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"...

It's a term I'm sure many of us have heard before, where from someone older and wiser, possibly from a movie or television show where it was said as words of advice. But to think about it deeply, why would you care to keep those you don't want to have any sort of communication with close? I use to think it was because you an always keep an eye on them in a false sense of friendship. Kind of like keeping tabs on someone. But then, thinking more clearly, its almost like you're being the real enemy yourself just for utilizing this concept.

I'd like to discuss with other members on what they think about this term, and I'm sure there are more similar to this that pretty much have the same meaning. What are your thoughts?



Registered Member
I've always looked at as knowing your enemies so well you know them better than your friends. Know your enemy well, know his every move, motive, abilities, etc. Study him so much to where you know more about him than you do about your closest friends. That's how I've come to know it.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Since you can't always put distance between you and your enemies. It may be someone you work with or even a relative. You should know what they are up to or about so you know where you stand or how to counteract the damage they try to cause you. If someone is stabbing you in the back or betraying you in some way you need to know what makes them tick so you can pay them back.


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It's just a gigantic manipulation. When near, you give them the impression all is well. That way, their disdain doesn't have time to fester. Or their imagination doesn't get too far out of hand and they end up ruminating on things that are true. The closer they are, the more you can monitor them and assess any risk of repercussions.


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My view is similar to yours. I think that by keeping your enemies close you can monitor them and see thei every move before it unfolds - therefore, you can be prepared for it. However, it's true that by doing that you envelop your heart and mind in fear and hatred, so I don't think it's really a good thing to do. I'd say it's better to find out why they are your enemies in the first place and, if the gurdge between you is beyond reconciliation, then it's better to forget about them than to keep them close.