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from steve:

The problem is, Dave, that you flame after being provoked. You need to learn to be the better man and just let it go.

So what that [member name] has provoked you. Let it go and move on. Don't call them a retard or blow up, man.


if you recognize that someone else is provoking someone, then why punish the person who responds instead of the one who did it in the first place? If you only punish the responder, then you're doing selective punishment. you're singling someone out.

You need to leave all that busted up PDC logic behind. This is why I hate your guts.

And I hope you someday rot in hell for it.
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Vega, you said in another thread...

00vega said:
Steve, Echoes,

if the way this guy acts is anything like the way I seemed to you guys back at PDC, then I am really, really, REALLY truly deeply sorry for it. I cannot believe that I was like that and would never even wish that kind of crap on anybody ever again.
I hate to say it, but you're acting like the old PDC Vega right now. I don't even understand what you're mad about. Have there been double standards? Maybe, I don't know. But who fucking cares. What are you looking for from the mods? An apology? If you keep complaining you're going to get banned, which I'm sure you don't care about. So here's some advice for you. Either stay and follow the rules (it's really not that hard) and ignore whatever is bothering you, or just leave. I'd rather you stay, but if you're going to continue to make an idiot out of yourself, maybe it would be best if you left.


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Vega, I stand by every statement he just made. I seriously am the ONLY thing keeping you from being banned. You need to chill out or leave.