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Keep An Eye On Your Toys!


Registered Member
lol I love the rag doll. Best thing ever.

Also, did anyone else think this thread was going to be about sex toys?
hahaha i was thinking of toy story and i started getting creeped out until i saw what it really was and it made me laugh
stuffed animals(especially a whole bed full of them) scare me for some reason....when i saw the head ripped off of that 1 i was fine


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Ah what a nice comedy pic Pugz! I depict this is how Swift is going to look after you get done with him eh? Lol but anyway I love it! It's nice to see some drawn artwork around here for a change.

I can't believe though that Teddy is still smiling after that too, must be one of those hippie peace ones >.>;


Registered Member
That's a great drawing Pugz! Your a lot better then me.


Ms. Malone
Lol thanks guys. If i've got some spare time today i'll draw another ragdoll ^__^