KC Head Coach Herm Edwards Fired


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15-33 regular season record. That's not good at all, no one should be shocked by this firing. I think he may have just had too much responsibility there in a bad situation. They got a lot of draft picks for Jarred Allen last draft, so he left bearing gifts combined with a 2-14 record with #2 overall pick. Where does he land? Does he land?
Honestly, I've got to say that he was pretty under rated. He tried to get Hunt to allow him to rebuild the team a yaer earlier, but instead Hunt thought they still had playoff potential. He had a season wasted because Hunt didnt want to try and continue to build. Imagine this team next year, and thats what couldve been.

I can't say it's an entire suprise though. He wasn't a horrible coach, he did a lot for the players, the rookies grew by leeps and bounds this year, despite the record. A quick side note, more than half the losses were decided by 7 points or less. Rack that up to inexperience more than anything else.

It's going to be interesting seeing who replaces him. There are rumors circulating in KC that it might be Mike Shannahan.


Future is Fused 3036A.D.
I agree that he was underrated. And I wasn't aware they lost so many close games. I do know that the problem has been namely the QB position. Not an easy problem to fix in the NFL.

Never going to happen, but I would love to have Herm as OC and/or Reid being the GM and Herm the head coach in Philly.


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I personally don't understand why he got fired, it's clearly not his fault that he doesn't have enough good players. I think they should of kept him and continue to rebuild the team. I've always been a fan of Edwards, he's a good coach. I am sure he'll find some other coaching job elsewhere.