Kazmarov's Novice Augmentative Deck


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Alright, firstly I'm a monsterous novice. This is the YuGiOh cards that I've kept, so I didn't have a lot of selection in the matter.

I play heavy Magic/Trap decks. Almost all of my monsters are high attack non-tribute monsters, with 1700 or 1800 attack. I have a lot of cards that increase ATK and DEF both permanently and temporarily. Generally I emphasize quick buildup. In one turn I can have a 3000-3000 creature out with no tribute, which is nice.

Monsters: 15

2 Man-Eater Bug
1 Girochin Kuwagata
2 Harpie's Brother
1 Darkfire Soldier #1
1 Darkfire Soldier #2
1 Mad Sword Beast (this is godly with equip cards)
1 Dancing Fairy
1 Giant Soldier of Stone
1 Battle Ox
1 Sword Hunter
1 La Jinn
1 Jigen Bakudan
1 Minar

Magic: 17
2 Rain of Mercy
2 Dark Hole
2 Chorus of Sanctuary
2 Malevolent Muzzler
1 Monster Recovery
1 Final Destiny
1 Fissure
I Sword of Dark Destruction
1 Sword of Deep Seated
1 Ground Collapse
1 Stim-Pack
1 Monster Reborn
1 Hinotoma

Traps: 8
1 Castle Walls
1 House of Adhesive Tape
1 Trap Hole
1 Acid Trap Hole
1 Gift of the Mystical Elf
1 Eye of Truth
1 Snake Fang
1 Reinforcments

I know my deck is both old and probably illegal. Keep in mind I haven't played the game in well over a year.



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not as illegal as you think....the only banned card in there is monster reborn. do you wanna stay with a beatdown style b/c there are plenty of high level ATK's with no tribute needed in the game now compared to whenever you last played.


For a Free Scotland
Given what I have, where do you think I should go from here? Any suggestions about what editions and cards to pick up, and what to dump?



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found more illegalness...dark hole was never 2; besides its banned. if you wanna stay beatdown try to get cyber dragons to help add bigger power in easy summon form. get the warrior structure deck for parts along with packs from DCR, EOJ, POTD, CRV just to name a few.


For a Free Scotland
Alright, I've looked at the Warrior Structure Deck and it's got a lot of cards that are good for equiping and quick summoning. Are there any good equipment cards I should know about? Malevolent Muzzler's one of the best equip cards I know of.

Are beatdowns good as of late?

Also I need cards to get monsters and magic cards out of the Graveyard. Suggestions?


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Axe of Dispair is by far my favorite equip card and If I were you I would get the warrior structured deck


For a Free Scotland
That's a nice looking card, I'll look to pick it up.

What's an "aggro" deck? I've looked around and people like it more than beatdown. What's the difference?


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"aggro" is roughly getting monster advantage combo'd with attacking to win aggressively through effects and attacking. try to grab a United We Stand for ATK boost through equips. for monster recursion go for Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial. As for magic recursion your limited to Magician of Faith.


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I don't know quite where to start. Here are some easy and basic changes I would start with.

Take out all of your 1700 attackers and replace them with either 3 Enraged Battle Ox, King Tiger Wanghu or some combination of the two. Second, pick up 2 or 3 copies of the Wind Structure deck and get 2 or 3 copies of Slate Warrior. From the Dragon's Rage structure deck, Spear Dragon and Luster Dragon (non-tribute 1900 attacker) to build up your offensive attack force. Also 2 or 3 copies of Bersek Gorilla might also be helpful. Bersek and Enraged BO are both rares from Invasion of Chaos so should be cheap and easy to aquire. King Tiger is also a rare from Pharonic Guardian.

Now for the spells. As for equip spells, 3 Axe of Despair (a structure common as was explained above) are best with a Untited We Stand or Mage Power IF you can get ahold of them. Out of the spells you have listed I would drop anything that does not destroy a monster. You will want Graceful Charity and possibly Pot of Avarice (not Greed though they mean almost the same thing) for draw power. If you can get 2 or 3 Smashing Ground, use them, if not use Fissure instead. Heavy Storm and Mystic Space Typhoon are both commons in the Structure decks, get them. Premature Burial is also highly recommended.

As for traps, your best bet is to build your line up from scratch using cards from any of the structure decks mentioned earlier.

If you want to use equips, then let us add in some support for those equip cards. We will start with the Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu, a flip effect that can grab an equip from your deck. 2 of them would be best. Another card that helps you reuse your equips is Fairy of the Spring, a common card from a set I can't remember but it lets you grab a spell from the grave and return it to your hand. 1 or 2 of those would be best.

That is my recommendation for your deck but please don't feel like I'm ripping your deck apart because I like the concept I just want to help you do it with cards better able to do what you need to make this deck work.