Kaze Hikaru out of Shojo Beat


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Whoa...hold on a sec. Is there a thread where I can read what those two anime or manga's are about? Cause right now I have no idea what u mean besides the fact one has replaced another.


Not sure 'bout backstage prince but kaze hikaru is about a girl who disguises herself as a guy and joins shinsengumi so that she can avenge her father and brother. Set in feudal Japan.
A summary of Backstage Prince (as given by Shojo Beat):
Akari is totally clueless about Kabuki, and boys, until one fatgeful day, she folloews a stray cat into the neighborhood Kabuki Theater. that's when she spies a cute boy from school backstage, ryusei, who happens to be a famous Kabuki actor!

I like Backstage Prince more than Kaze Hikaru


I need to get caught up on Shojo Beat. I haven't opened the last 5 issues I've got.