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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Millz, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Millz

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    TNAwrestling.com has learned that Kaz will leave Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Kaz requested his release on Monday morning.

    Before departing TNA, Kaz has agreed to fulfill his upcoming TNA Live Event obligations.

    Kaz will appear on the premiere episode of the new "Karen's Angle" interview segment this Thursday night on "iMPACT!" to comment on his departure and his reasons for doing so.

    TNA Wrestling wishes Kaz all the best in his future endeavors.
    Hmmm might be a worked shoot now...found this on rajah.com...

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  2. Unity

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    Yeah I figure this is a shoot...he's playing that whole "dissapointed/depressed" gimmick after the World X Cup loss.
  3. Millz

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    And of course he went out there and lost to Petey Williams. If you've seen wrestling over the years it didnt take a brain surgeon to figure out what was happening there.

    At first I thought he was gone but now I doubt it. If hes going on Karens talk show then its a shoot. Probbaly bitching about losing or never winning the big match or something.
  4. Unity

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    This storyline could be a great direction for Kaz. He's awesome and is destined for bigger things than teaming with Super Eric, lol.

    If this takes him to a decent heel role, that would be fine. It might be what he needs right now to avoid stagnation.

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