Kaz Goes to Preseason/Sharks report


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Well, I went to the last preseason game of the Sharks season last night vs. the Flames. I'll report on the Sharks and Flames, and I have some pictures as well.

Face-off. Starting line for the Sharks was Milan Michalek/Patrick Marleau/Steve Bernier. Michalek had 7 goals in the preseason, Bernier had four or so. They all had very good point totals last year, especially since Bernier and Michalek didn't play the whole season. Along with the Thornton-Cheechoo-Bell line, the Sharks are extremely dangerous offensively.

The shark head the players skate out of. It hasn't changed.

Yep, our zambonis are that cool.

The Sharks won 5-1, with two goals by Michalek, one by Marleau, and some others. Toskala was sharp in goal.

The Flames look weak. They have a ton of rookies, but few veterans. Kipprosouf's had an awful preseason, with a sub .800 save percentage.

The Sharks finished the preseason 6-2, and looked strong. Additions like Mike Grier and Bell seem to have been wise, and the defense looks great with the addition of young defenseman Vlasic, who looks to be staying with the team. Matt Carle's back again for his "rookie" season. All together the power play, defense, and scoring look fantastic, and the Sharks look very dangerous in the West.



If your defense holds up, you guys will be solid this year. I don't follow your conference as much, but you guys were predicted to be 2nd (I forget who was first)

EDIT: It was Anaheim, who is also a heavy favorite for the Stanley Cup. Dallas will be solid in contending too. Sucks to be in your division


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The Stars are old, and the playoffs have shown that they get very vulnerable in the homestretch, which will make them nosedive late in the season, much like the Kings did when they plummeted out the top 8.

Strong division, but we'll have a lot of strong teams that will get a lot of points against other divisions. We may send four to the postseason, and hey, seeds don't matter in the West :D.

My Honors Chemistry teacher's from Alberta, we got to trash him all of today.



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the sharks have been a contender for a few years know. being friends with Adam Graves i had hoped the years he was with them after the rangers traded him would have been it for the sharks.

i'm glad they're still strong without the likes of damphousse and some others from then.