Kayfabe-wise, what's the philosophy in refs being so weak?

I mean come on, even a small child wouldn't be knocked out by an accidental shove, or something like that. Are we led to believe that they are bred as an even weaker form of human, or something?

Requirements to be a ref:

Poor hearing

Poor eyesight

Extremely fragile

Right? :lol:


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haha yeah sometimes I think they could make the role of the refs a little more realistic. In fact, I think they have for the most part.

They used to overdue the ref bump. The fact of the matter is that refs arent pro athletes and you dont wanna crush them or anything to make it look more realistic could you might hurt them. Thats why Cryme Tyme were fired before bc they did a ref bump as a rib on Cade and Murdoch without telling the official.

The blindness thing...well arent all refs blind?? haha