Kaula Diamond


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Oh yeah...I'm back again with new stuff! Well actually, it's just beta testing for a pet project that I'm doing*winks* Well anyway this is a test sig with different verisons, it's to see which one I like and which ones I need to improve on. Well here are the versions:


Checker Boxes:

Box Dots:

Plain One:

Tell meh what you guys think of it. It's suppose to be a reamped version of the first sig I ever did too. I remember the person who asked for the first one too and I forgot to give them the avie for it. They can have this one if they want if they come to claim it or I can just take the tag off the first one and make an avie to match^^;

As always C&C!

Edit: Oh darn >.< For one the top one has a line that I didn't even know about! Plus the original render has a white line around it too ;_;. I can't believe I am just realizing this stuff now!:curse: