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Katy Perry Got Branded


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Sweet little singing girl Katy Perry.....who married the crazy 'Greek" man Russell Brand, announced she was changing her name....personal use and legal use........she announced she will become Katy Brand.
Some critics say they think she is making a big mistake, saying they don't look for the marriage to last so she will be back in court asking for her name back.....wow, they sure are hopeful *ha*
Only time will tell I guess.
My favorite song by Katy Perry is Hot Or Cold :)


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I love her as a singer and she is committing suicide by doing this because..it's Russell Brand we are talking about here.


Haters gonna hate.
I smell lawsuit! Haha. A name change for a celebrity means that she truly loves him! I am okay with it.


It's not me, it's you.
I didn't even know they got married. When did that happen?


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Something like that, in Africa i think.

She's only changing it cause the American gossip mags have been calling her Mrs. Brand now.


I didn't know that this deserved a thread.
I don't think it's a big deal because that's what most couples do when getting married and if they divorce, still less big of a deal because that's what happens when celebrity couples get married.

I must add that they are the most boring couple among celebrities.
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From what I see on Tv celeb shots and stuff, I think Katy is in love, but not sure Russell Brand is feeling it.....his body language doesn't appear to be "into it" as much as hers.
Who knows...they may make it for 20 some odd years, and then again, they may end up divorced before the end of the year.
I had never heard of Russell Brand until the Greek movie.....
And Elly, why do you say they are the most boring celeb couples??
What makes them boring to you??