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PlayStation 2 Katamari Damacy


Registered Member
Now, here's a game that nobody can play and say they don't know what it's like to be on drugs. For those who don't know, Katamari Damacy is utterly insane. Your goal is roll up a "Katamari." A Katamari is a ball thing that stuff sticks to. In fact, anything it's bigger than will stick to it. So, you're goal is to run over anything and everything to make a gigantic Katamari. Why rolling up the Katamri, you ask? Well, the King Of All Cosmos woke up one day after a party, and realized he had destroyed all the stars, so he needs you, the Prince Of All Cosmos, to start rolling and replace them. See what I mean about feeling like you're on drugs?


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i just played the sequal not too long ago. it's pretty fun, but i wouldn't buy it. but it is a really weird game and has you playing it for long periods of time.


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GlodenBob788 said:
That game is the best!! I played the first one as a demo...game is ok..I waited in line for 2 hours just too play.
sounds like you like waiting in line for stuff.
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