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When you're at a karaoke do you sing?
What do you sing?

Do you get nervous or do you think 'och it's just for fun'?

I usually sing a song that i either think i'm good at or one that reflects how I feel at the time.
For example, last weekend at cosmopol I sand Hott stuff by Donna Summers.

I sang it because it was a hint to the bf. :lol:


Boom Boom Pow!
Lol, I've never sung at karaoke, and I will never sing at karaoke.

No one deserves to be punished that badly.

well maybe some people....


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As I am one of the only singers in the family, I am usually the guy who get's forced to kick off karaoke's at Wedding's, parties etc. As much as I hate doing it.

I usually sing Michael Buble song's.


"Expect the unexpected"
When you're at a karaoke do you sing?

What do you sing?

Usually songs I'm definitely familiar with.


It's embarrassing enough to mess up the songs you think you know................singing anything else is inviting ridicule.

Do you get nervous or do you think 'och it's just for fun'?
I'm always nervous before I sing but, I mask it well............it's hard to tell.


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I just do it for fun, give it a good old dance as wel haha.

I sing songs by Shania twain, cher, (for duets usually tends to be the ones from dirty dancing and sonny and cher etc) but i also do blondie or the commitments and mustang sally.


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I *always* sing at Karaoke. I used to get nervous, but after spending a couple of months in Japan, I got over singing in front of people. What I sing really depends on the crowd. When I'm with friends (or everyone seems like they wouldn't mind this), I sing things like Lady Gaga and My Chemical Romance. Especially around strangers, I'll fall back to something more classic like Journey, Safety Dance, etc.


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I go to Karaoke night every Wednesday at the gay club in Fort Worth, I've been going since they've first started it. I was nervous at first, but thats nothing alcohol couldn't help.

I love singing anything with Elton John, mellow songs and pretty much anything country that I can.

I sing because it's fun and a great way to conquer your fear of being in front of a bunch of random people you don't know.



Living on the 0th floor
I have only sang at karaoke a handful of times. If it is a group, I'll sing whatever. If I am by myself I just pick something that suits my voice.. Which is usually some form of country... Like Bonnie Riatt's Lets give them something to talk about.. Terri Clark's Girls lie too... Lonestar's No news. I always try to sing something upbeat.. I can't stand when people get up and sing slow sad songs, I just don't think that is what Karaoke is for.

I definitely get nervous, that is why I have only sang a handful of times.
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