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Went with my sister last night for the first time since my freshmen year of college. I actually had a good time and was told i did a good job. probably going to make a weekly thing out of it.

i did three songs:
Turn the Page - Metallica
Hard Luck Woman - KISS
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

My sister recorded me doing Living Dead Girl so once its on YouTube I'll put a link. Also, my KISS selection was a hit as I was heavily complimented on it after and noticed people taking video/picture during it and i didn't know those people, lol.

Anyone else done karaoke before?


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I like karaoke, but I don't want the ones where there's a score after. A drunken person who screams on the microphone can still get 99 and bravos and he'd think he could really sing well, so he does another unbearable round of songs.

The oldies: Dancing Queen, I will Survive....that's fun to sing with group of friends who are in a perky mood.


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there's no scoring, its for pure fun. thanks for the compliment vilky....but its not so scary as long as you remember that your just having fun....i'm trying to figure out songs for next week...i'm thinking i might do Hard Luck Woman or Living Dead Girl again because of how well they were accepted.


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The only karaoke I did was back in Grade 3, I had to do "We will rock you" by Queen.


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Karaoke is only fun after enough beers to not care, last time I did it (completly hammered of course) I did a awesome rendition of David Allen Coe's You Never Even Called Me by my name, everyone there loved it, I freaking nailed it, hoping to hit it again soon with more songs to wow them with.