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Kanye West


I'm listening to his new song, for the upcomming mission impossible movie. The sound is so delicate to the ear. Kanye created some of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. It's becoming hard to set expectations for this man - he always seems to surpass the highest ones.
Aside from creating good music, I've noticed his songs contain powerful, psycological messages. Listening to the lyrics, I personally was able to identify, and then reflect apon myself. It's interesting how much some of his songs make fans think.
He sould definately go down in history as one of the best (if not the best) artist of all time.


Problematic Shitlord
I don't know, for a guy that believes he should have been in the bible, he's a real jerk. His music is okay, but I find myself less inclined to like his stuff just because of his dumbass comments.


Good music, but he needs to learn when to shut his mouth. He was one of the biggest artists of 2004, yet he somehow felt that "he didn't get the recognition he deserved". :)


Sure he can sample...but i dont think he writes the melodies. I think he has people to do that for him. Not sure though. But i KNOW he has people playing it for him. Anyways his lyrics are the average above average lyrics. I mean he is on about the same plane as other above avg lyricists. He isn't the best though, by a lot.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Oh he's a very smart person I believe and is music is wonderful, and I sure he writes a lot of is lyrics, I am not saying he writes all of them but at least half. Also he has so many good songs.


I like his music, it is very good and most of it is innovative, but I agree that he needs to learn when to shut his mouth, but it is also his mouth that got him popular and recognized in the first place. After his little tirade after that Awards Show (forgot which one), many more people know who he is.


I like Kanye's music. Hes a great artist and it's good that he raps about god and stuff like that. But I agree with everybody else he needs to stfu sometimes.


Kanye's music isnt that bad but i would really prefer others. i really love his melodies though. the lyrics to his songs are normal though.