Kansas Kidnapper/Murderer Caught


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This makes me sick. This has been all over the news. A girl named Kelsey Smith was kidnapped and killed in Overland Park Kansas a few days ago. She had 4 siblings who are now left without one of their sisters.

The man suspected of the kidnapping was caught.

Man charged with killing Kan. teen - Crime & Punishment - MSNBC.com

This really is a sad sad day though. I know people in Overland Park Kansas and this is just a terrible thing to happen. I can't imagine how mad I would be if that were my daughter or sister.

What I don't understand is that this guy faces up to 25 years plus 12 years for kidnapping, to life in prison. Why is 25 years even an option. This crime should not have a 37 year prison sentence, but life without the possibility of parole. That means he could walk free at 63, while Kelsey misses out on the rest of her life. Her family will never get over this. I know I wouldn't. He never needs to see the light of day again. What a creep.

He had a wife and a four year old son too. Imagine how they feel. Their dad turned out to be nothing more than a miserable waste of space.