Kansas City Or Nashville?

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by andrew_bishop, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. andrew_bishop

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    Which city is better for the Preds to be located in?

    Since we know now that the Hamilton bid more then likely won't go down which market do you see having a better impact for the game?

    Personally I think Kansas would be a better fit because the Preds had their chance in Nashville and the fans showed that they don't care as much about hockey as they need to in order to keep the team going. The fans wouldn't show up even when the team is winning and since Kansas is a city growing with a brand new rink and everything then I think the fans would give the team a real chance and hopefully the team would find a good home to rebuild and everything there.

    What do you think?

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Neither, personally I don't believe that either of these cities are hockey cities, but if I had to choose one I would have to go with Kansas City, because we all know that they cannot sell tickets in Nashville they have problems getting 14000 fans in a game. If they do move to Kansas I believe it can work at first, but then they'll have trouble selling tickets once again. They should just bring this team to Canada, they'll always have sell outs.
  3. andrew_bishop

    andrew_bishop #1 Spammer of FC

    I agree there MJ on the bases that neither should have an NHL team but if we had to have one go there or stay well then thats what were deciding here.

    Hamilton I think we can all agree should be where the team will be playing hockey because Canada actually knows and cares about hockey.
  4. SuiGeneris

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    You'd be suprised. The Wichita Hockey team gets a lot of tickets sold, and thats in Wichita. Having an NHL team in Kansas City could attract more people than you think. It may take a couple years to truly get going, but I promise you, if the team wins, fans will appear. Kansas City needs some team that actually wins ;)
  5. andrew_bishop

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    Thats the key there Sui. If the team wins. Looking at the team they have right now it would not shock me if they missed the playoffs this year and are going to need years to develop and sure they might sell tickets when the team is winning but when they are losing where are the fans and the revenue then? It's bascially a repeat of the Penguins again. The fans didn't show when they were losing and they came so close to losing their team.
  6. Jeanie

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    you won this weekend :glare:
  7. andrew_bishop

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    Good ol Royals. Best team in baseball. Not record wise but as far as im concearned best team in baseball.

    And on topic for a second ... If you get the Preds don't rely on winning many games right away. Look at their current team compared to their winning team.
  8. joshua41

    joshua41 Guest

    WHAAAAAT!?! lol
    Ever since the Predators have relocated to Nashville me and many other Tennesseans have been enthralled with hockey. This is pretty amazing considering we hardly ever have any frozen precipitation and many people are too stubborn to try a new sport.

    I've gone to many, many hockey games, and one thing I do know that while attendance does lack some nights the enthusiasm is incredible, especially when our rivals (SJS, REDWINGS, BUFFALO,whichI consider our rival because of the nichol incident) visit OUR HOUSE. I think every playoff game has been sold out and since the season is over we haven't stopped supporting our predators. http://predators.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=334837

    I think a prime reason mid season games have struggled drawing people in is that Nashville isn't a very large city compared to other cities.
  9. andrew_bishop

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    But thats still something you have to factor in. What about the Preds don't make the playoffs then you don't sell those tickets and then you got just to rely on the season revenue which is shakey. The Nashville market I have to say has come on strong in the last few years but since the team has gotten there it has not be to the level it needs to be always but right now if the fans can show they can bring in 14500 a game or more then they will keep the team going.
  10. joshua41

    joshua41 Guest

    I agree totally. The destiny of the Predators is in Nashville's hands, but I do think the team was at a great level.

    San Jose was a bad match for us two years in a row...they had great forechecking and great defense. We couldn't even sustain an offensive attack hardly-it was that bad and really depressing to watch. Anytime your team gets eliminated two years in a row by the same team which you nearly hate it's a tough loss to swallow.

    Regardless I'll be their next year!

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