Kane and The Undertaker...

What the hell happend to the B.O.D.? And there should be another fued again.

Hell when taker came back in the tights and he Chokeslammed Kane on the Smackdown special I expected there to be another fued.

What are your thoughts???


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B.O.D are probably only going to come back whenever there is a special or something, such as D-X for instance.

I think they are doing pretty good on there own for the time being.

I know Undertaker is looking forward to highlighting Wrestlemania once again, but can't say much for Kane.
Yea I noticed that too. But I think if they had another fued it would be nice.

I think what else would kick ass, would be if he was reborn like a combo of the Original Kane and today's Kane. Like the old pants with a cross with today's, the old gloves, and I think the mack would work without any hair. And a cross between the original shit and the second one.

I miss the true monster kane.

And I know someone on here Taker would stay the same, but if not the Ministry, do The Lord of Darkness Taker, but do a western cross. Like a cowboy hat, and a cross with that cape and a duster.

But I think if the old monster taker and kane came back and had a fued it would be nice.


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Monster Kane was the best, believe it or not, but the Kane you see now, is not the same as the one that started.

I think the guys name was Glenn Jacobs or something.

A feud would be nice, but it'll be a long time, until we see that happen.
Oh I know he's different, the change happed when Kane left due to an injured arm. Then his theme was playing for several weeks then one week we saw him come out in a new outfit.

It's just...That I think I can speak for alot when I say I miss the Two monsters that Dominates the business long ago. I think this Kane could pull off being a monster like he was before. Also I think Taker could pull off that look too, now I mean how he was The Lord of Darkness, but pre-Ministry, you know right before he became so dark, but of course no PB and an urn would be nice, but have a Druid hold it this time...


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Yeah, you got to love the druids, man I know what you mean, I miss both of them too, like I actually believed they weren't human, I think Undertakers highlight was in 1990 when he defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series for the World Title (First time as champion).

Another incident was when he was fighting against Yokozuna, and supposedly got thrown into the casket or something, and while the crew carried him out, they were all terrified to see the deadman on the Titan Tron, I mean talk about horrendous.

Good times, Good times :D
Hell yea, but not saying he owes it to the business, but I think Taker owe's it to the fans to have one last rebirth. I mean I know alot who was expecting one at Unforgiven last year...So I think it would be rather nice to see it.

And being a bit biast for a sec, I think my idea would be perfect for both monster concepts.:D


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One of those dreams again :D

It's not up to him though, it's up to the WWE if they want to do a re birth or not.

I think it'll be AWESOME to see it happen.

It's just not the same without Paul Bearer.
Yea I know, but I likes how his character left, showing Taker Paul was Taker's only weakness. That you could control him by having Paul. Urn or no Urn if you had Paul you had Taker.

Yes it is a dream, but I think the WWE should look into it.