Kaka in Real Madrid?

Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by gmash, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. gmash

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    Sky Sports | Football | News | Real's Kaka bid confirmed correct link in post below (thanks :) )

    Do you think it was a good idea? Or he'll be wasted there (like a few players were)?
    Express your opinion ;)

    Imo he shouldn't have moved there. I must admit I'm not Real Madrid fan (actually I'm not a fan of any team but Real is really disliked by me) and don't want such a brilliant player there ;). I'm afraid that if he earns so much money as players in Real does for doing nothing, he'll just play worse and worse.

    Anyway I wish him luck (think he'll need it to show sth in Primera Division).
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  2. Major

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  3. gmash

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    Won't post the link cause it may be deleted. U've got to trust me ;)
  4. English-Emo-Boy

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    Chelsea have made an official bid in the region of £75M which has under cut Real Madrid's offer.

    It is believed Kaka himself would rather join the Spaniards but a move to the London club has yet to be ruled out.

    Manchester City are also joining the bidding war after failing to sign Kaka in January, it is thought though he would have no interest in signing for City.
  5. Msaeed

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    According to Zizu the Advisor to Madrid Prsident Kaka is Madrid player.
    But he is asking for vey high wages
  6. ysabel

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    I saw a bit of the news conference today as he signed for six years with Real Madrid.
  7. hamada

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    Kaka is a good player..

    success Deal of real madrid
  8. Vidic15

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    Won't really last long there, either United or City will end up poaching him, with the money City is rolling in, Kaka will be obiliged to leave Real.

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