Kaiser Glider Tuesday, May 16th 2006

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This thing is broken. The only reason it doesn't see so much play is because it wont create an instants advantage. How ever with RFTDD this bad boy dishes out 2400 worth of damage that can kill or you could ram it into a monarch and destroy it and stay. It's second effect isn't that great, but there are so many wayZ to abuse this thing it's not even funny. In all honest oppion if you feel that you have space for this I advise you running it. It can create advantage in the long run and wont become Tsukuyomi's toy.

all: 3/5 (it's just that damn good)


w00t...Scythe Tech!!

Anyways...this guy stomps mudholes in Monarchs, Jinzo's, and SPoN's if given the chance...plus it's light so it serves it's purpose in Chaos/RFG decks and such...plus with it's 2200 def...Tsuku can't maul it compared to Zab/Mob...AND...while it's in def...2400's STILL can't kill it...and neither can Cy-Drag...(though 2300's like Sorc/Horus LV6 and SSLV5 can still get to him)......personally the second effect doesn't really come off often...unless the op is stupid enough to attempt to destroy him while they have a mon on field via Smashing and such......

Great review otherwise mang...peace!
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