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"If the WWF was all about who was the most talented, then Taka Michinoku would be the WWF Champion" - Mick Foley
At least somebody gave Taka Michinoku the respect he deserved! I was always a huge Kaientai fan. Taka Michinoku is my friend's favourite wrestler of all time and i think a few people here know that i've always been a big fan of Funaki (also one of the best workers the WWE ever had in my opinion)

What's your opinion of Taka, Funaki and their team Kaientai? Do you think they were a missed opportunity by WWF and that they should have been used better?

I definitely would have preferred to have seen Kaientai used better. I loved Taka Michinoku as Light Heavyweight champion. it was the only proper title reign either of them had, Funaki was cruiserweight champ for a short while which i enjoyed aswell. I can't belive they never got their hands on the tag titles, i was always rooting for them to win! Even when they were "EEEVIIIILLL" :p

Plus while the "EVIL" and "INDEED" gimmick was entertaining for a while, i think it killed them. They became nothing more than a pair of Santinos and i always would have preferred seeing them wrestle rather than goofing around with bad dubbing, as hilarious as it sometimes was.

Out of the two, wheres i was always a bigger fan of Funaki, i think Taka Michinoku was technically the better wrestler, and he definitely could have had a better singles career. One of the best cruiserweights, if not the best, that WWE ever had!


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I was never a fan of the group and was never a fan of Taka and Funaki, but after recently looking at old matches of Taka I came to a conclusion that I underrated him before. I think he was very talented in the ring.

The group had a few good matches, but I never thought the WWF missed the ball on Kaientai to be honest with you, I think they got what they deserved.

The feud they had against Val Venis was pretty good though.(Choppy, Choppy)


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I didn't mind them, but didn't get to see them enough really. Wasn't into them at the time. Now I have a lot of respect for Taka.

I wonder if Funaki could get more respect if put in an actual serious role for once.


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Go TAKA ichiban! I had a lot of respect for his Puroreso tech skills, if not his inability to project a persona. Funaki's a great jobber backstage, but never seems to get off all the rust before TVs these days. I'll tell you the Japanese grappler I miss in the Fed: Tajiri! He was as goofy-entertaining to me as Marty Wright. Could you imagine a Green Mist vs. Worms Texas strap match? :lol:


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was foley being sarcastic there? i caught sarcasm but maybe im wrong!

i liked TAKA though back in the day....he was a solid wrestler.