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K4 and Led Zeppelin


Do What Thou Wilt
Talk to me britches I be fucked upp tright naw in Madison Sqwuare Garden May 19765 Watching 30- minuieys of dazwed and confused


Creeping On You
all i got from that is

I'm fucking a potatoe in the ass while watching Dazed and Confused with my gay buddies in Madison Sqaure Garden.


Do What Thou Wilt
text me la negros is himi page my brother

508 579 7878



Lion Rampant
Translation: Hi, I'm smoking something my rugrat brain can't handle and tripping balls on my The Song Remains the Same DVD.


Lion Rampant
MAgs, there's a grammatical error in your sig. Search and destroy.

Hi, I'm from Estonia!
Yes, this is Ed Stoneyear. Can you speak up, please? I can barely hear you.

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