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Juwan Howard Accused Of Shoplifting, LOL.



Houston Chronicle - According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, Rockets forward Juwan Howard was accused Wednesday of shoplifting a $2,000 pair of sunglasses from a Miami-area optical store.

Miami police are investigating the claim, but no charges have been filed and Howard has denied any wrongdoing.

"I'm aware of the situation and have spoken to my attorney," Howard said in a statement. "I will vigorously defend myself and (I) am confident I'll be cleared of these baseless charges."
I hope Juwan's telling the truth. How embarrassing would that be? Ha-ha. Why would he even need to steal? 2,000 dollars is probably like pocket change to him.


A Darker Knight
Why the hell does he need to shoplift? He's among the most over-paid people in the world. I'm sure he could've bought those ridiculously expensive sunglasses with his own money.


lmaoooo @ shoplifting, isn't he making millions to have fun on the court? this GOTTA be false.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know it's hard to believe, because 2000$ is like pocket change for this guy but I really curious if he actually did it. Hopeto have a follow up soon on this story.


OMG...LMAO..lol..lol...lol....y would a person like him steal!