Justin Timberlake


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anyone like him? i say hes ok, Sexy back was 2/5 for me and My love is 4.5/5


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I'd say he's tolerable. It just seems to me that all of his songs make him sound really horny. and he sings in a really high voice too. Plus he's overplayed, but still, he's alright.


I love that song My Love i would give that and 10 out of 5 thats how good it is that other song sexyback is ok 2 out of 5........
He's terrible. His songs are just recycled garbage that nobody will remember in a year or two. Anybody remember his roots in 'N Sync? That band sucked a lot, and yeah, he hasn't gotten any better.


Sexy back is annoying, my love though is preety good, at least hes doing better than britneys new boyfriend, lol...