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Justified Killing or Animal Cruelty?


Registered Member
WARNING: The video is hard to watch.

Cammi was shot and killed by police after they said she was declared Vicious. You be the judge.


This to me is so sad. The dog seemed to me to be nothing more than afraid. How can the police man sleep at night is what I wonder. I believe this policeman should be charged and fired. I am trying now to find more details about this.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Poor dog just laying there with a bullet in it wagging its tail then the cop shot it again. How brave of them. The only thing I saw the poor dog do was bite at that pole they were using. Up until then the dog did nothing that I could see.

I would like to know why they were called to get this dog, what had it done if anything. Who declared it vicious?

I would like to say this rarely happens but I read about stuff like this all the time.




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From what I could see from the video, that dog had done nothing but be the wrong breed.
A well trained person from an animal shelter could of brought that dog in, he was not running around town, he was leashed to the back of a truck.

I saw no obvious signs of aggression from him, he was afraid of the Catcher pole just as any dog would be.
It is so sad that things like this happen.

Not knowing the whole story, he could well of been a vicious dog, but that did not come over in the video, and even then he could of tranqed and then put to sleep by a trained vet.
To him that cop shoot him and he is still wagging his tail was so sad.


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Thanks for sharing this story Laine and to Hilander you are right as this kind of behavior is so common. . . I don't want to blame the entire Police force. But there are some police that who have a badge abusing their rights. . They think because they maintain the law they now can become the law and placing people and sometimes animals in danger. . I was once attacked by police officers just because I walked through a red light way late in the am hours. 3 cops wrestled me down. All for walking through a light? There were hardly any cars at all anywhere. I was tired and wanted to get to the gas station. I’m not one to usually go through a red light. . .
I was tired I just wanted to get back to go to sleep. This was not a popular main street. It's just more busy during the day. I heard of more stories like mine when the police come out and use the clubs and wrestle with you when you haven't done much of anything. .
This is more common though to do with a man than a woman. One kid tackled on his skate board by a number of police. Another one about a retried man coming home unpacking his things. Reported as a possible suspect not asking any questions they just began to fire at this man. .
This dog is an example when some officers choose to become their own bounty hunter style everyone becomes a victim approach. . . yet still please don't believe that many officers are this way. There are still also some nice Police who are helpful and respectful to others. I say if any officer acts is the one who shoots this dog or abuse people should remove their license. .. They are supposed to help us and not harm us. Not even this innocent dog.


Embrace the Suck
I've seen this video before, and it's disturbing. We of course don't know the whole story but as some people may know, I'm not a fan of cops for the most part. Most of them, in my opinion, are mindless rubes who abuse the authority. I agree this officer should be charged with animal cruelty and fired.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think many of them abuse their authority to the point they should be in jail. Yet they are put on leave with pay and many reinstated to do it again.