just WHO is the typical NBA fan?



The reason I ask this question is because at my college, almost everyone I know HATES the NBA. One of the reasons I come to this board is that I have noone to talk ball with. You would'nt believe the things that people say about the NBA, and the old stereotypes that will never die. Just who exactly is the NBA's target audience? If it's college kids, then they are failing miserably (at least around here). Older people seem to gravitate more towards the NFL, being that it's only once a week. So, my main questions are......what is the NBA's target audience, and why on earth does it generate so much hate amongst a lot of people?


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That's a really good question, especially a hard one to answer. I beleive that the NBA target crowd is anyone they can get theirs hands on. I know it's not an accurate answer that you might of been looking for, but it's all I got. The reason why I say that is because they marketed Michael Jordan for years and that's how we got the older crowd, and now their marketing LeBron James and Dwyane Wade which attracts the younger crowd.

A lot of people bash the NBA because they think the players show no passion for the game, which I think is not true. A lot of players want to win and they put their lives and bodies on the line every night to try to get to victory. The reason why people think College Players show more passion is because most of them main goal is to make the NBA and they'll put it all on the line to make it there.



The problem is, unlike other sports, the players in the NBA are fully exposed. There are no helmets, hats, or baseball-type uniforms to cover players up. Rural America, which makes up a large part of our country, is offended with what they see. They see tattoes, cornrows, headband, baggy shorts, etc and think "thug." Another problem is, unlike the NFL, which seems to be bulletproff, when players in the NBA get labled, then it sticks with them for a long time. Kobe is still known as a "rapist," Artest is still known as "the guy who jumped into the stands," Iverson is known for his "practice rant, among other things. People just can't let these things go. Trust me, I live in rural America, and people here hate professional basketball. You will never change their mind on it, either. They don't care that NASCAR drivers cheat, or that NFL players are, by in large, really bad people. Somehow, those facts are overlooked.