Just when you thought FOX couldn't get any funnier . . .

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  1. Merc

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    They attack Mr. Rogers.

    YouTube - Mr. Rogers is a evil Man

    Now, I partially agree with them that current generations have this strange sense of entitlement minus the work. They seem to think the world owes them things when in reality they haven't earned them. However, this is Mr. Rogers we're talking about. He entertained little kids and made them feel important and good about themselves. These kids are at prime ages to be bullied, pushed around, and most importantly it's a stage in their life when they develop the beginnings of their self-image. Fox and Friends seems to think that any attempts to make them feel better is some kind of assault on hard work and effort by assuming that the phrase "you're special" translates to "don't try too hard, vote blue".

    What do you think? Is this concept of "you're special" programming that dangerous? What should be said on programming if you agree?

  2. Mirage

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    This coming from the guy who posted a rant against "soft language". :lol:


    Seriously. I'd put my chips on the late George Carlin agreeing with this clip actually. After watching that soft language rant I could definitely see him getting on the anti-Mr Rogers bandwagon for a routine about entitlement. :lol:

    Also, to be fair they were obviously joking around to some extent here. I think I do agree a bit though. Not that Mr. Rogers is to blame, but that the mentality of "You're entitled to blah blah blah" is definitely an issue.
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  3. Merc

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    Obviously joking? Did you watch the video? These people take themselves quite seriously if you didn't notice :D

    Also, this has nothing to do with soft language. Nothing at all. All Mr. Rogers "preached" was that each person is special and that you are able to do great things. FOX just twisted it to make it sound like he supported this "everybody wins" mentality that is hurting the newer generations of this country. Kids face a lot of pressure these days, even more than most of the older members on this forum. It's simply different forms of pressure. Yeah, yeah the older members will give some sort of tale about going uphill both ways, in the snow, with no shoes or something to that extent. But that doesn't matter. FOX is just a hub of fear mongering paranoids who spin tales about what is going to kill the world next.
  4. Mirage

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    I said "joking around to some extent". Not "joking around period".

    But to some extent I think they are onto something. Not that Mr. Rogers had a hidden agenda or even that he indirectly is responsible for Obama's inauguration. Just that kids do tend to be told a lot of things that aren't necessarily true by themselves. It's safe to say that most of us have hit real life by now. Is it exactly the same as it was when you were a kid?

    As Chris Farley says as Matt Foley in the SNL skit, "You're probably going to find as you go out there that YOU'RE NOT GOING TO AMOUNT TO JACK SQUAT." Would you prefer kids be told things like that? That's not necessarily true either. But if you sit around and do nothing, that's most likely what your life will look like.
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  5. Merc

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    Who said anything about sitting around and doing nothing?

    That's what they said during the video clip and they had nothing to back it up either. Just don't tell me you're buying what they're saying.
  6. Major

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    I fail to see how "You're special" could be taken to mean "You're entitled, you never have to work hard." I certainly don't see it that way and I don't think children do either. Find some actual news to report, FOX.
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  7. Merc

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    It does make sense to a slight degree. If you constantly tell someone their special, they're obviously going to think that they deserve something because after all, special basically means important so you could make the argument. However, FOX just did what they do best and took it too far. Apparently, Mr. Rogers encouraged an entire generation of lazy bastards.
  8. PretzelCorps

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    :mad: Poor Mr. Rogers. One day he's going to just snap and take his violent revenge out on all the people that unduly crossed him, shouting at the top of his lungs "It's a good feeling, you bastards!"
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  9. Unity

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    From the grave?!?! Oh snap. We're in trouble.
  10. PretzelCorps

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    Mr. Rogers died?

    Oh no, Mr. Rogers died! I knew that, too. I'm not really sure why I didn't recall that. :stare:

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