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Just wanting to officially introduce myself


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I forgot to do this when I registerd. I'm a 23 yr old female college student stuyding architecture at Oklahoma State University (only one more year left till the real world :)). I have one cat named Corbu. I also have a baby salcuta tortoise which will weight about 150lbs or more in 50 yrs (they grow slowly) he's about the diameter of a tennis ball right now. I also have three hermit crabs. I just started selling on ebay within the same time frame that I registered on this site (thanks for your referral dragon). My goal with ebay is to make just enough to have spending money as the school year progresses. I'll probably have some rather amusing auctions for everyone to watch...hopefully one that goes big. I'm kinda different (crazy) so even I don't know what kind of stupid idea I will come up with. I guess the only thing else I have to say about myself is that I talk too much and do my best not to be over-opinionated. Actually proud of myself for not starting a debate on here, I have a tendency to do that sometimes but its against the rules. I think its because my bf is a philosophy grad....most of our conversations fall more along the lines of debates

Ok, I'll shut up now...good luck with all you auctions

see ya in the forum :cool:


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Glad to have you here Whitney. I may get to work with you once you graduate. I work with arctitects on a daily basis. Good luck with all your auctions.


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Glad your with us :) I am in OK too ;)


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Well sounds like you are a breath of fresh air!! Come on in, have a seat and DONT ARUGE WITH ME!!! hehe J/k

little humor there! (wink)

Nice to meet you!!