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Just wanted to say


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I was in chat earlier and in some sense felt like I was being attacked over my spirituality. I eventually got insulted and left but came back and after talking to bob realized some stuff. I just wanted to say I was not trying to push anything on people. He kinda reminded me none of you all knew me before I went through my spiritual crisis. I also assume most of you don't know much about Wicca.

For a little background on me I had been Wiccan for three years. I was in the process of becoming priesthood. I even considered becoming legal clergy which is recognized in this state, then questioned my faith.

Anyway, I was not trying to push my beliefs. A big part of Wiccan belief is that is that a person will find the path that is meant for them. I was just trying to let people know what getting back on my own path is doing for me so far. No more drinking almost every night and abusing my body. I started taking a full load of classes, spiritual, but classes.

With my anxiety problems found the confidence to arrange a meeting with someone in person teaching classes. That's a big deal for me because of my anxiety and agoraphobia.

I wasn't trying to say my religion is the true path though, that would go against everything I was taught in Wicca. I was just trying to let people know I have found my way back to my personal path and am in a better place.

I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did, and I know my religion is misunderstood and seen as silly by many people. It works for me though and is helping me move forward to potentially function in society.

I believe there is a path for everyone, and if I came off the wrong way by sounding excited being on my path again I apologize.

When I came here I was in a dark place, following a much darker path, I realize it put me in a bad place and took a lot of strength to get on my feet and look for/accept forgiveness. I know I have done and said some stupid things but hope in time I can redeem myself.
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