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Just venting!


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I listed a few jewelry items that I had laying around and never put on. Was time to buy some more :nod: and might as well get rid of the stuff not used.

Anyway first I found some kiddo sized Aerosmith t-shirts so I put a few of those for sale on eBay. Clearly stating that I ship to US only and if paying by CC to NOT use the paypal email address eBay send them but to contact me and get another account. This is in bold red letters. Hard to miss. Of course I had one sale to Austraila and after I finally (after much doubt) decided to sell to her she sent payment to the wrong paypal account 3 times! I did a non paying bidder thingy on her and at the last min she finally got the right paypal account. (they do speak english in Austraila don't they)???? :rolleyes:

OK on to the jewelry. This is only a few days after I listed the shirts. 2 sets of jewelry. Not cheepo stuff. One set was BIN for $200 and I can't remember the other. About half? Anyway at the last min someone did BIN on the 200 set. Yipppeee! and I also sold the other set for 60something. The 60something set has been 11 days now and not a peep out of the buyer. Only 1 feedback but it was a really good positive one from this spring. Of course I filed a non paying bidder and now I sit and wait.

The BIN 200 set? Got some weird email from eBay

The results of the following listings have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization:
We have temporarily suspended the bidding account and we are working with the account owner to prevent any additional unauthorized activity. Since the account owner did not initiate these bids, fees resulting from the listings in question have been credited to your account.

Yada yada yada. At the same time I had a paypal payment from Nigeria! O....K..... It was weird because it never showed in my paypal account even as something canceled. I did relist this one and lost 80 bucks as it only sold for 120. Oh well......

So now I have to figure out how to send something to Austraila and also wait for someone to pay me my money owed! (yeah like that's going to happen at this point)!

OK rant/vent all over now. Sheesh and I've never had an ebay problem in all the years I've been buying/selling. Guess this is payback time huh?

UGGGGG and another one sends to the wrong Paypal account this morning! Does BOLD RED type mean NOTHING?


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Staff member
Did you get a negative out of this? Hopefully not. But be sure to wait for them to leave feedback for you first.. then let them have it!

I can't stand working with people who don't understand how to follow basic instructions.. :(


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya nanner. Long time.
I have found that even with explicit instructions and bold typing they still will claim they didn't see it.

Most but not all of the eBayers out there will skim the auction and not read all the fine print and rules no matter what color you type them in.

As for the Australian bidder wait till you have cash in hand then ship. It ships the same way as U.S mail. The post office can help you figure it out.
Also get delivery confirmation and tracking # if you ship out of the U.S.

I sell to other countries all the time. And I have better luck with them than regular U.S buyers.


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Venting is a good thing, really, and I find it helpful to hear about other's experiences. The bad ones help me make better decisions. The good ones keep me from giving up on eBay. :)


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No negative so far (crossing fingers) With my feedback at 100% it would really tick me off if somebody who messed up themselves would leave me my first negative!

As for the good eBay stories....these are really my only bad ones. I know I've been very lucky to date. Sure there have been a few little things here and there (where is my stuff, you sold me junk etc) but all have been resolved with either no or positive feedback left.

Package 1 shipped off to Austraila yesterday (Geez it's cheap to send there)! and I'm spending my jewelry money buying my kid stuff. So for now all is good again in eBay world. Luckily I only sell a few things here and there. I'd much rather buy! :D


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Yikes! What a horror story! I'm glad the one went through at any rate.

I've had tons of people NOT read the TOS on my auctions before. But, as long as its there, that is what they are agreeing to.


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What a terrible story! Oh, I bet you were just pulling your hair out.

I agree that it is very good to hear your vent. I think it helps those of us who are new to auctions. It helps us to learn for things to look out for, and to be appreciative of auctions that go really well.

I am glad you got some payment at least. Hopefully, everything else will work out soon!


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Nanner, you did have a minor mishap... with me *blush* Actually it was with the shipping idiots.

I am sorry you are having issues with people who cant seem to read very well. :(