Just to long


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I'm listening to the Death Magnetic cd right now and there are a few tracks on there that I felt are just to long. Songs that they could have been much better if they were just stopped at the halfway mark. A great example is "The day that never comes", the first 4 and a half minutes of the track are great but then the other 3 ruin the whole song for me.

Are there any songs that were ruined for you because of their length?


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so skip it when it's @ 4:00.. lol thats what I do when I hear heavy metal.. alot of that head banging shit gets boring for me after the 3 or 4 minute.
Depends on the song. I listen to some less because they're long, but I don't like them less. If I like part of a song, I tend to listen to that and skip the rest.


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I actually like this Metallica CD.. I heard a few songs, they're not bad. I'm listenign to The Day right now.. lol. But yeah, I don't listen to Metallica but I like some of these songs.


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A few A7X songs used to be too long for me. But now that I'm a big fan I can listen to them:D


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If it's a good band then every part of the song goes along with the flow they intended the song to follow.

Could be due to inexperience, not enough tracks or felt they wanted the CD to be longer.