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just started playing, suggestions on my new deck...



Well, I've decided to start playing yu gi oh again. I would like you guys to help me on my deck, thanks in advance.

magic cards:
mavolent nuzzler
lightning vortex
hammer shot
mask of the accursed
soul of the pure
insect barrier
Axe of despair
banner of courage

trap cards:
magic jammer
spell shield type-8
DNA surgery
sakuretsu armor
dust tornado
ordeal of a traveler
raigeki break
blast with chain

monster cards:
gearfried the iron knight
skilled dark magician
roc from the valley of haze
luster dragon #2
insect knight x2
dark blade
winged sage falcos
Gemini elf
la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp
raging flame spirte
sea serpent warrior of darkness
indomitable fighter lei lei

so thats all I got. If you make any suggestions of a card to add I'll tell you if I have it.


Registered Member
First thing's first, equips are bad if they aren't Premature Burial or Snatch Steal.

Since Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted and Heavy Storm are all commons in the various Structure decks there isn't any reason not to have them. My recommendation is that you pick up the warrior or spellcaster structure deck.

I honestly can't figure out how to build a deck with the cards you have listed. Pick up a structure deck and we will work from there.


OK, thanks. The warrior structure deck is the one with gearfried the iron knight and the combos with him and the other warriors, right.


I um.... uhhhhh I don't know. Talk to me one on one at aim i think i can help you there more.^^


You know equip cards are not ALL that bad. They can be used in certain decks. It just matters the way you use them.


yeah thats true, i personly love big bang shot .. 400 could mean alot, it pwns goats and frogs, and if you have dust/mst/heavy it removes ur opp. mon


first scratch the
mavolent nuzzler
insect barrier
dna surgery
yea if u combin insect barrier and dna surgery it will stop attack but like shinobi said cards like heavy storm and such completly destroy that and then ur left with nothing  replace it with another sakuretsu armor and a wabaku or 2
u should also invest in some more monsters with effects that are useful la jin and opticlops are 1800 attack monsters yea but no ability  u could find other cards like breaker the magical ( it gets 1 counter when summoned in any way and that counter adds 300 attack which makes it a 1900 monster when it comes out plus u can remove the counter to destroy 1 magic) see what im sayin yu gi ho is not all about strength its more less about speed now a days the faster u drop ur opponent the better now onward
scratch what i said about luster dragon im more less a burn down player myself so i dont know to many cards of strength with skills talk to amethyst_shinobi_0 about possible cards like that

ok i see ur using raging flame spirte
try adding a twin swords of flashing light its a equip but it also works very well on him

twin swords of flashing light
discard 1 card to equip  the creature equiped with the card loses 500 attack points ( hardly a price to pay) the creature equped the the card is allowed to attack  twice in 1 turn (+2000 every turn is quite effective

if u have any questions just msg me
good luck