Just Something I Drew


Ms. Malone
This is just a little something i drew between classes in college and cleaned it up a bit...the wings are suppose to be, like, angels wings but...it's not that often i draw ^_^

Oh and i hate the shoes!!!

I drew the back of the guy because i had started with the wings and then wondered what i could do with it, then i did that..and i'm sorry it's so plain but i didn't wanna ruin it with a shitty background.




Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Lol it looks good Pugz, the wings look demonic.

The usual doodles I make during classes are chibi's >.> Ur wings look better than the ones I usually make.


Ms. Malone
Thanks guys, when i first did the rough one on my break the wings looked a little more...angelic, but really scruffy, so i spaced the 'feathers' out a bit and it ended up like that o_O

I really need to get my scanner working so i can edit it a bit better....

*huggles Sui!* Sui where have you been!!!??