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Just some of the human cruelty


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Just one of those moments when one wishes they reintroduced death penalty everywhere...

YouTube - teenager throws dog from a bridge. rest in piece "pepper"

I am ashamed to admit, but this happened in my very own country... Lithuania. The main guy got sentenced for 8months in prison, claimed he didn't know other guys and they were only taking the video...

P.s. ignore the "rest in PIECE"... I guess the video was placed in youtube by a Lithuanian...
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There are disgusting people all over the world. It's very sad, very tragic. :(

R.I.P. Doggy.


Yeah, we've had this thread before, with the same dog. It happened long ago.
The dog [fortunately] didn't die.
I couldn't sleep for days when I first saw this.


Where is my Queen?
Those people should be dragged out to the street and shot, that is all I have to say about that!
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Should this guy be able to play football?

It's already horrible enough, but to film it makes it all the more fucked up. I guess it could've been worse though, it could have been a baby.


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That Beniukas a** must be Teh Ultimate Douche! 8 months!? I just wish dogs could be smart enough to throw HIM off a bridge!
Btw, dogs killing chickens is normal. Animals survive doing those things. But throwing a dog off a bridge is NOT something people have to do to survive so his story is DEF Lame! He shoulda gone to the owner, NOT the dog!