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Just my F#@ckin luck!!!


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Sword_Hunter said:
I actually find the sitauation quite funny to be honest.
Whats funny avout this? I know I wont get a answer for a couple days, but there is absolutly nothing funny about this situation.

whiplash sucks ass, I ended up missing another day of work becuse my neck hurt...

there isnt much damage to my car, but Im figureing the whole bumper will have to be replaced, as furthr inspection, its pretty twisted, and if I gor a flat, I wouldnt be able to get the spare lowered off sd the was the bumper is bent, it pushed onto the lowering mechinism

needless to say, I will end up eating the 500 deductable to get my car repaired


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I still think that you should at least TALK to a lawyer about the whiplash. There may very well be nothing you can do since this guy is an illegal immigrant and probably doesn't have any money, but it wouldn't hurt.

I guess the story as a whole just kinda demonstrates one of the dangers of living in a state close to the border. Personally I would pick the Canadian border myself but... oh well.

And yeah, the story is kinda more funny than serious IMO, but that's only because of the fact and way that you're describing it to us, not the occurances themselves. Lesson one of conflict: Messed up circumstances = good conflict. Messed up circumstances + expressed creatively = good funny conflict. So don't hold it against us for thinking it's funny, and if you do, then you better stay away from movies for the rest your life, or it would make you hypocritical to some extent.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Samus - I'M gladd to hear that you are ok...It sucks that there is nothing you can do..Same thing happend to me (except my car was totaled).No matter where you are at you will allways find illeagle imm (not just there AZ) .And yes I know 2 people who got hit by illegales same story,one in Washington,And one in N.Y, now one in AZ..What I don't understand is how they get the casr,houses,and other stuff when they are Illegales...I can't even get my drivers license or a car because I have seizures(due to parkensons)..Hopefully the guy who hit you will get deported... :3eye: :3eye: :3eye: :3eye: :hehe:

Saddly he will be back next week.........


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I'm Batman said:
Hopefully the guy who hit you will get deported...
That's the LEAST they should do. In fact, they should be doing that anyways. Hell, I personally think that if you sneak into a country as an illegal alien, and while you're there you fuck up some way like this, you should be banned from applying for US Citizenship status for at least 10 years. I wonder if there exists such a law. I doubt it though. We're not quite that advanced yet. Once we get DNA databases down and international cooperation, issues like this should be easier to deal with.


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Ten years. Thats a little harsh.:lol: Watabout 20 or 30 60
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