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Just had an auction go to


Wanna play?
Unbelievable!! :mad:
Mine ended a couple of hours ago, and I watched the end like a hawk, just waiting to cancel the bids of anyone new or with a 0 feedback rating. Even they were legit (which that person obviously isn't) I wasn't willing to take the chance.


not a plastic bag
he paid!!!
thanks again AP, I was able to quickly arm myself thanks to you. I was able to do some adjusting on the auction just before it closed with block bidders without paypal and a certain # of feedback. I'm not sure if it took because I did it within 4 minutes of closing. Regardless, your information was a lifesaver. (Marsha would've killed me had I lost another one to a slack bidder. lol.)


Wanna play?
I'm glad it all worked out for you. Of course the first time would have been nice!