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Just got some bad news


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Man I was just chatting with green on aol and right in the middle I got a phone call, a friend I use to help take care of, by bring food and her medications and take her to the doctor's appointment...
I lost touch with her when my ms started to get worse we just talked on the phone and her daughter would call to thank me and my husband. I did all this before i got too much dependent on my wheelchair like now.
now. Her daughter called me and told me she past on monday and they found her thursday... I feel so bad right now....... I wish I could of done more......man she was like a grandma to me and my kids. I am gonna miss her so much.. she was a tuff germany lady with a kind heart.....
the funneral i will know by monday... man i am so sad right now........
nani :(


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I am sorry to hear about your friend. I use to live with my guardian and she took care of this elderly lady who was a 105 years old. She was like a grandma to me and she would tell me her childhood stories. It was interesting. I came home from school one day and sadly, she past away earlier in the day. She fell short of her 106th birthday.


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thank you dragon and green... she is resting in a better place no more in pain.........


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Sorry to hear this nani...But as you stated remember shes in a better place now..My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family..


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I'm so sorry Ana... thats a very tough thing to lose someone you have helped care for. I hope you can have a better day tomorrow. Tonite has been hard. Know I'll be thinkin' of you and so will some others, I'm sure.


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thanks doubles.......it is how I have to look at it.. she had alot of health problems and it ws weird how I met her. at the doctors office. she was crying she had no way home and from there we made instant friends.. i took care of her dog and her when I was more able to. Now she is gone... it was a shock i had just talked to her not long ago... it is just unbelievealbe to me..... she was a sweet soul... now she is with her husband in heaven....... she is going to be missed.

thank you ares........it is hard just to think about it... I had my father in law past in january and now gretta, she was a fighter, i guess she gave up from missing her husband..so much.........like my father in law......he grew tired of being alone...
again thank you .......for your thought and prayers... I will be going to the funneral for sure once I know all detail by monday....
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Ana I just want to add my condolences along with the others. Please don't beat yourself up wishing you could have done more. You did what you could when you could. I'm sure you held a special place in her heart for that. Sounds like she had some long term medical problems and you are right....she is in a better place and at peace now.


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I am so sorry to hear about this loss.
We all feel remorse with a loss, wishing we could of done more (I'm famous for this guilt, even years later), but we do what we can at the time, at I'm sure she appreciated every little thing that you did for her!


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Nani I am so sorry to hear this...I know how you must feel...ugggggg But as you said no more pain...and that is a blessing for her...although it is hard for everyone left behind.....

I will be prayin for ya....my prayer list is getting long here...but that is OK