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Just got a new computer, sort of..


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Well I had a motherboard and hard drive flake out on me earlier this week. One or the other has always been questionable since I got this computer but I never had enough problems to justify shelling out the extra cash for replacements.

Well on Tuesday this week I had had just about enough when once again the stupid thing refused to boot up. I went out and bought a new hard drive and motherboard. The only problems were:

1. The only motherboard that supported dual video cards (which I needed) was much newer than what I had had previously.

2. This motherboard did not support my current CPU socket type.

3. This motherboard did not support my 2 gigs of PCI3200 RAM I already had.

So to get to the point, I had to buy 2 new gigs of DDR25400 RAM, a new processor (thankfully about twice as fast as my previous one), and of course I had to pay for the motherboard too. I also switched back to Intel from AMD. I could have bought an AMD board but I liked the Intel board that I found a lot better than the AMD selection.

It's sad how quickly you can spend money that you never planned to spend. I woke up ready to go only to be stopped in my tracks and having to fork over unbudgeted money for new computer equipment.

The funny thing is that when I find a motherboard that supports my old hardware all I need is a motherboard, a case, and a power supply and I'll have a pretty nice spare computer. :sigh:


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I remember the days you could stick an adapter in your memory socket and use a preexisting or brand smacking new memory chip that just came on the market.

All that has changed. :sigh: