Just for fun!


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Just wanted to ask????????????

Whats your favorite food?
I mean the food that you can just not eat enough of?

Mine is steamed crab legs with old bay and garlic butter!

Yum Yum


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Scharffen Berger Mocha chocolate bars. It's a dark chocolate bar with coffee bean dust in it, and it is addicting!!!!! Much better than it sounds. Non-prescription and legal, and QUITE a mood elevator!

I really enjoy food, especially desserts, but this stuff..... YUM!


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TatAD said:
Good Pick Trees,

Crab legs for days.........adda little teriyaki steak and MMmmmmmm.

You aint joking! We don't get them often, but when we do I can eat them like forever! Every Once in a while we will go to Red Lobster and get the "ultimate feast" Thats soooooooo yummy! Lobster, crablegs, shrimp scampi, butterfried shrimp, big baked potato, along with the best garlic/butter/cheese rolls I have ever eaten, not to mention the nice salad!

hmmmmmm now I am starving all of a sudden! :)