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Just Call Me... Info suggestion


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I'm not sure if this is going anywhere -- I can see the pros and cons of the idea myself, and any doubts you have, I've probably already thought of 'em! -- but it's an idea that's been biting at me for a few days so I thought I'd toss it out there to canvass opinions, at least.

I've noticed in a lot of the intro threads we're getting, the username might be (for example, made up off the top of my head) Panda46X2 and the first thing the person will say is "Hi, call me John!" (or Jane or Tabitha or whatever else). Most people, self included, don't mind going by usernames -- people call me Falc all the time and I absolutely don't mind it in the slightest, and I'm also cool with calling others by their usernames, but a lot of the old-timers know one another by real names too. I thought it might help foster a sense of community, especially among new folk (self kind of included in that -- I still feel sorta new!) if we had a box for exactly that.

It could be titled 'Call me...' or something, and there as a profile option -- maybe only available after 50 or 100 posts, so less open to abuse or trolling, and have a character limit of say, 20 or 50 characters or whatever, so we wouldn't have long messages appearing where it should be literally a word or two. Then I imagine it showing up something like this:

In that example, I'd have typed Alex | Falc in my 'Call me' box, so anybody knows my RL name is Alex, and if they feel like using my screenname but don't want to go to the bother of typing out the full thing, Falc is just fine by me.

I guess people could also use it for things like "Don't call me JC!" if their username initials were that and folks tended to abbreviate it, but the user didn't like that for some reason. Though the same would likely be achieved by using the box to tell people what they'd rather be called...

It would be optional, so those who don't want to give anything away or are happy with how things are don't ever have to touch it.

Okay, GF folks, all yours. Spot the holes in the whole argument, for one. :p For another, is it something you'd use or find useful? Further thoughts? Plausibility?


No Custom Title Exists
I think this is a pretty great idea that would help newbs fit in and all. Would be great to test it out.


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I would be all for it, Alex. It's nice to be able to put a real life name to a username. It would help us all to feel a little bit more cosy and chummy here at GF, I think.


yellow 4!
I like the idea too :) It can't be that hard to code, right? Although obviously Brix is the only one that can work this into the forum so maybe bump the idea when he's a little more active again?


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I'm so pleased people like this :D I've sent Brix a very polite PM linking to this thread -- hopefully he'll check it out when he has some time. I know he's on a bit of a break at the minute (he needs it, I bet, after 4.0!) but I hope I made it clear in the PM that he can just look into it whenever he has time.

Rebeccaaa, I agree, it can't be too hard to code surely -- but I'm not much of a coder, so there might be hidden depths I miss. But I can't see it being that difficult...!