PlayStation 1 Just bought 2 PS games on Amazon...


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Lately I had been playing Chrono Trigger again, my favorite game of all time. :) I have it on SNES, but it's tucked away in my basement somewhere so I had started playing on an emulator. Great translation, but never quite the same as it used to be.

On playing it, I remembered that I hadn't once tried Chrono Cross...came out in 2000, and the review on was a 10/10...

So, long story short, I bought a PS game that has both Final Fantasy IV and a Chrono Trigger release on it (with some anime cut scenes I think)...called Final Fantasy Chronicles.

Also bought Chrono Cross.

I'll be playing both on my good 'ol PS2.

Anyone have these games, or have played them? Any Chrono Trigger is always fun to me, I've played it a few times through over the years and only gotten one of the endings, I think!