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Just because I haven't for a while....


Babeasaurus Sex
Welcome to my rant.

Please feel free to join in with your own personal rants:

1) My estate agent can go poke herself in the nose with a rake - fix our damn oven you stupid psycho.

2) STOP thinking people care about your stuff. They did, at first, mostly because they're all wonderful people. YOU, however, can go take a shit for a walk for all I care. Don't get me wrong I was supportive and I did care but right now all you see is yourself and I have no time for it.

3) My boss is a douche. I have had no lunchtime today. He said giving me a pay rise would mean I wouldn't work as hard. What a moron.

Er....I've run out now. FFS...I am actually just not as angry as I want to be hahaha..

I keep having daydreams about dinosaurs and songs (thanks amy <3 ) and thinking about ways to make a shed load of commission....Hahahahahahhaa I'm so hyper.


Registered Member
1. Is it legal to hold back your rent until it is fixed? It is here and that usually gets the problem solved.

2. Ahhh, needy friends that always need support yet don't give it in return. Slowly back away. ;)

3. F-ing douche!

Good luck on the commission, it will be the best revenge! Then leave them high and dry and take your skills to where they will be appreciated (maybe a competitor, hahaha!)


Mark ov teh Pond
1. Go get a haircut you bum. Well, no, your looks fine really. Just lose the hat and comb that FFS. Roll with the fohawk, I'm sure like Dean you can pull it off without looking like a douche.

2. You cheap sonuvabitch. I know your favourite restaurant to order from includes delivery in the price but you usually tip anyways because they are SUPER FAST and always handle your food well because of the positive e-mails you've sent to their boss in the past, but really, that was barely a $1 tip on Saturday. Unlike you. And what was with groceries last night? You gave the same tip to the baggers, who are doing that for free to raise donations for whatever it is they are umm...yeah, you're terrible and cheap. You need a fucking job, bro.

3. You got all this time on your hands, why don't you spend it more wisely and maybe do some sit-ups or some shit. Your stomach looks like a rib beard or something, just hanging in there. Go solid or go home. Loser.

4. 1-3 sounded really mean and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Have some more peanut M&M's and watch Farscape. They have S4 on stream as on TODAY!!!


Mark ov teh Pond
I was about to eat lunch. Then it happened...

I pulled out a clean dish and this big ugly, albino-looking motherfucking spider stares at me with his ugly face all "wat," up in my clean dish.

I have never been so tempted to throw a dish against the wall in my LIFE. We really need an Official Spider thread, sticky'd, with an appropriate use of the word and not web-related HORROR.


Registered Member
1) My estate agent can go poke herself in the nose with a rake - fix our damn oven you stupid psycho.
Definitely find out what renter's rights there are in your area.

3) My boss is a douche. I have had no lunchtime today. He said giving me a pay rise would mean I wouldn't work as hard. What a moron.
Again - find out what the rules are. I know at my old job, they were required by law to give us a lunch if we worked over 5 hours. At my dad's job, it sounds like they often break the law in that area, but (presumably) only when the employee agrees too (they'll just give the employee a paid 15 minute break instead of an unpaid half hour lunch, so the employee earns more, and the company gets more work from them).

Also, I'm pretty sure part of the point of a pay raise is that it motivates people to do even MORE work... :rolleyes:


rainbow 11!
i am so tired. my mom was being a bitch and yelled last night because i had to do homework on the computer... she made me wait for 15 minutes after i got home, and my assignment was due at midnight. because of that, i only finished 70% of it and now i don't have all As in the class like I once did.

damn it.


Ms. Malone
It's been a few days and I'm still pissed Jamie fed the lemurs through the bars when he's not supposed to
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Babeasaurus Sex
You all are fab...I certainly shall check out my rights and keep you all updated <3

srsly no one has cheered me up as much as you guys have today <3