just another intro


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Hi everyone just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. Iam missmel.
I have lurked here for a while and decided I just had to join the fun.
I am a mom of three and a wife to one ;)
and that sums it up , thanks!


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Hi RiffRaff and missmel2 and welcome to the boards. As you know I'm one of your guides to the strange, weird ,and totaly Bizarre. Also known as eBay. :D
So Sit back relax and enjoy the show. C-ya around the boards.
Till next time............................. :warp:
glad to know i'm not the only 'lurker' that felt too shy at first :) hi!

yipes - what is that skull-looking thing??? i only meant to put a regular-typed smiley face....

........or is it an alien?

love your name kat... and testing what all these buttons do too... not gonna write anymore smileys for now tho...
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Welcome and I am sure you will LOVE It here! Though I think we should start an AuctionSightings Annoyo (not EVEN going to TRY to spell this word! U all know what I'm tryng to say! hehe)


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Hello and Welcome MuttyCat, Missmel, and RiffRaff. I sure hope you really enjoy, if there are any questions, just get a hold of one of us Mods, and we would love to help you out.