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Just an Xbox 360 question


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Okay, I know the Game Forum is a better place to ask, but I don't want to register for one question. After buying and selling 2 Xbox 360's before Christmas, I finally caved this weekend and decided the queenies could get one. We only started with 3 games...a car racing one, Cameo (sp?) and Madden '06' (for the big kid). We set it up so they could go live, and they spent most of yesterday playing their cousins, which was actually very-very cool. Now my question is this, has anyone had any problems palying live? I'm just worried about the girls ending up playing adults without realizing it...I would hate to hear someone swearing or saying other foul things when the girls are on.


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I'm really not to sure..I think you can choose who you play online with..:nod:
But then again I don't play X-box:shake:
I'll ask darth he would know.:D


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If you don't want your kids to hear bad words, don't let them play on live, period. Live is full of immature people and a minute of live can easily beat out the worse R rated movies in relation to the language you will hear.

Either know who your kids are playing with, or don't let them play if you want to keep them away from trouble.


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I have to agree with Andrew. You can choose who you play with, if you are playing a custom game and only allow people in that are invited. But if you play on Live on anything other than custom games by invite only, then you don't know who you will end up playing, and many of them don't know how to say anything without swearing.


Wanna play?
Thanks.....their dad is working on setting up the friend list. I guess there is a family area (but it's an honor system, so who can trust it?) A lot of their friends and cousins have the system, so I think we'll start there and see how it goes.
On a different note, my 10 year old absolutely loves the Kameo game.:D